Is the Ford F-150 Aluminum?

The new Ford F-150 provides you with the only high-strength and military-grade aluminum-alloy body construction in its class. You’ll enjoy best-in-class tow ratings and max payload in the new F-150 truck from Ontario Auto Ranch.

If you’re looking for a pickup truck to carry your gear, then you’ll want to choose a model that can go the distance for you. That’s why the Ontario Auto Ranch team recommends that drivers like you get acquainted with our new inventory of Ford trucks for sale, especially the new F-150. While the truck delivers on performance, efficiency, and cargo versatility, you’ll also discover some benefits that come from the F-150 model’s construction. What are some of the highlights of the Ford F-150’s aluminum body? Let’s take a quick look at a few of the benefits you can enjoy from the driver’s seat of a new Ford truck.

Highlights of the F-150’s Aluminum Build

The strong construction provided by the Ford F-150’s military-grade, aluminum alloy body keeps your truck safe while adding a measure of durability to your daily hauls. This extends to the cosmetic appearance of your pickup truck, as well. You might even notice that the Ford F-150 is more resistant to dents than competitor trucks! The high-strength aluminum-alloy body also reduces your risk of corrosion and rust accumulation so that you can enjoy your truck’s appearance for miles of adventure. The stronger build also reduces your crush potential in the event of an accident, keeping you and your passengers protected when you need it the most.

What about carrying cargo? Does the aluminum body of the Ford F-150 truck help you carry more gear? The short answer is yes! The aluminum helps the truck weigh less and enables you to haul more. In fact, the lightweight aluminum-alloy body of the Ford truck and its bed give you a higher power-to-weight ratio and increase your maximum payload potential.

Are you ready to climb up inside of the aluminum body of the Ford F-150? We invite you to test drive a truck from our new Ford inventory at your earliest convenience so that you can feel the power of a Ford vehicle firsthand. We look forward to your visit to the Ontario Auto Ranch showroom.

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